Forwarder, IPv6 compatible IPv4 address are ignored

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Wed Apr 24 13:14:05 UTC 2002

-- mercredi, avril 24, 2002 08:53:36 +0200 "Roca Carrio, Ignasi (PO EP)"=20
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> Hi,
> I configured BIND9 with a forwarder having an IPv6 compatible IPv4
> address. named doesn't complain at start time about it, the forwarder is
> accepted. At working time when named is looking for a forwarder to be
> used, it ignores it, on syslog there is the following message: "ignoring
> IPv6 compatibility IPV4 address: ...".

-I haven't looked at the bind code for this response,  but...

> Does somebody know why those kind of addresses are ignored, is there some
> problem on use them ?

this kind of Ipv6 addresses are going soon to be deprecated. I would guess=20
that is why bind is picky about them.

> In this case why are they accepted at first and later ignored ?

maybe just that the input file parser do not go in the details of which=20
kind of IPv6 addresses are valid.

again, didn't looked at the code, just guesses.


> Regards,
> Ignasi Roca

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