bind8/9 - minor query logging niggle

Ted_Rule at Ted_Rule at
Wed Aug 28 15:08:51 UTC 2002

When logging category "queries" is redirected to a non-default channel, the
also ( as a side effect of the configuration change ) enables query logging as
so that such logs are allowed out to that non-default channel.

However, the reverse does not appear to apply. If named.conf is modified to
remove any specific
channelling of the queries category, the server leaves query logging enabled.
This has the
potentially unwanted side effect of directing all query logs to the default
channel. It's a  reasonably
rare thing to adjust the logging to and fro in this manner , so the effect is
probably rarely seen.

To completely stop query logging one has to perform an explicit rndc querylog
after the rndc reconfig.

A workround is to always force the queries category somewhere  - even if only to
"null" - under these
circs , the server seems to always leave the query logging flag ON - unless one
manually adjusts it.

I feel a more logical behaviour might be accomplished with this logic:

     if ( query-logging enabled AND category-queries -> non-default channel )
          disable query-logging prior to performing any reconfig

Under these circs, if the new config also used a non-default channel for
queries, this would itself
force a re-enable of query logging flag post reconfig. If the query logging was
"apparently" manually
enabled , i.e. query-logging enabled AND category-queries -> default channel,
then this logic would
leave the query logging running post-reconfig.



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