Secondary sending notify to itself

Richard Caissie (EUD) Richard.Caissie at
Wed Jun 19 21:55:32 UTC 2002


The secondary has only the primary in the masters {} list and there
are NS records for both secondary and primary and no more.  So my guess is 
that it is prompted to send a notify to itself because of its own NS record.

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Does the system list itself in the masters{} stanza
or an also-notify{} stanza for that zone?  If not, then
I would guess it's a real "non-feature" related to
proxying dynamic updates back up to the "real" master
for the zone.

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> Subject: Secondary sending notify to itself
> Hi Folks,
> Is there a reason that a BIND 9 slave server sends a notify 
> to itself after receiving an IXFR?
> I got this from the file.  Note the slave server is 
> at address
> Jun 19 11:50:02.272 zone notify response from 
> thanks,
> Rich Caissie

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