BIND 9 tcp-client quotas

Richard Caissie (EUD) Richard.Caissie at
Thu Sep 12 20:39:38 UTC 2002

The ARM states that tcp-clients sets "The maximum number of simultaneous client TCP connections that the server will accept."

When I set this to 1 with BIND 9.2.1/Solaris 8, I am able to do two and more 
simultaneous AXFRs. Is there something wrong with the server or did I read the
ARM the wrong way? 

After the second AXFR the file shows:

Sep 12 15:58:54.043 client no more TCP clients: quota reached
Sep 12 15:58:54.045 client transfer of '': AXFR 

many thanks,
Richard Caissie
DNS & DHCP Development Unit
959 Concord Street
Framingham, MA 01701

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