BIND 9 dynamic update speed

Rob Butler robert.butler5 at
Sat Jan 25 13:32:06 UTC 2003


Your paper is interesting, and your suggestions for how dynamic update speed
could be improved are interesting as well.  However another approach to
improving update speed is to not use rfc-2136 dynamic updates at all.
Instead move all updates outside of Bind.  This has been accomplished with
Bind-dlz.  Check out

A variety of databases are supported, as well as the potential to support a
variety of update / update propogation methods.  Although no performance
tests have been performed yet, there are some discussions of performance and
update propogation on the mailing list, so be sure to check out the
archives.  An additional benefit (and the original primary goal of bind-dlz)
is that zones can be dynamically added and removed from Bind without any
restart / reload / reconfig.  Something which is simply impossible with


> I have been doing some tests with BIND 9.2.0/ FreeBSD 4.2 regarding the
> propagation speed of dynamic updates along authoritative nameservers.
> propagation times are very low (~1s), the rate of dynamic updates that a
> primary nameserver can handle is also very low (1,000 updates per sec) and
> drops to 300 updates per sec when the server has to deal with 3,000
> per second as well. These tests ran on Intel PIII 650Mhz, 128Mb machines.
> I'd like to know if anyone is aware of similar tests or results.
> For deatils of the tests see:
> Andreas Pappas
> EngD Research Engineer
> UCL - BTexact Technologies

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