BIND 8.4.5 Release Candidate 1 (8.4.5-RC1)

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Fri Apr 16 04:20:15 UTC 2004

        A full release (bind-announce) is scheduled for Monday 
        unless you guys find a major bug.


	BIND 8.4.5 Release Candidate 1 (8.4.5-RC1)

BIND 8.4.5-RC1 is a maintenance release candidate of BIND 8.4.

	Maintenance Release.
	nsupdate: The use of a blank line to cause a update request
        to be sent is deprecated.  Use "send" instead.

the distribution files are:

the pgp signature files are:

the md5 checksums are:

MD5 (bind-contrib.tar.gz) = 72e5fb07efc1afbb0fecc9b745d2d5f3
MD5 (bind-doc.tar.gz) = 49eabfc1515e54cfb59d2542f5382cb5
MD5 (bind-src.tar.gz) = cce1ef897dcb73e55bef2e7620b2ad18
MD5 (bind-contrib.tar.gz.asc) = 1a3ec29383d306cfe8ab0f424767885c
MD5 (bind-doc.tar.gz.asc) = 829c40de6367b2eb420a676d7edefbe4
MD5 (bind-src.tar.gz.asc) = 7a05cb9fd03f3bb4b72242990b37cc72

Windows NT / Windows 2000 binary distribution.

the md5 checksums are:

MD5 (readme1st.txt) = ac4ce260f151dc1ab393c145f4288bba
MD5 ( = 66ebb4e28b9ebb500d21e9b9941cd848
MD5 ( = ed9f78f885b9fd1b0e2cd3f74a6aa990

top of CHANGES says:

	-- 8.4.5rc1 released --- (Mon Apr 12 05:51:41 PDT 2004)

1658.	[bug]		reduce the notify delay when reloading a single

1657.	[bug]		gmtime_r() called incorrectly.

1656.	[bug]		master serial number overflows were not detected.

1655.	[bug]		when printing NAPTR records to zone files escapes
			were not being escaped causing them to be lost when

1654.	[port]		linux: move/fix prototypes for getnetgrent(),
			setnetgrent(), endnetgrent(), innetgr(),
			gethostbyaddr_r(), gethostbyname_r(),
			gethostent_r(), getnetbyname_r(), getnetbyaddr_r(),
			getnetent_r(), getprotobyname_r(),
			getprotobynumber_r(), getprotoent_r(),
			getservbyname_r(), getservbyport_r(), getservent_r()
			and getnetgrent_r().

1653.	[func]		The event library has new functions evUTCTime(),
			evConfigTimer(), evSetOption() and evGetOption().

1652.	[bug]		linux: set sin6_scope_id for link local when scaning
			the interface table.

1651.	[port]		solaris: namespace collision in dnssafe/ammd5.c

1650.	[bug]		NODATA responses from forwarders that followed
			a CNAME were not handled correctly.

1649.	[bug]		res_nsend() failed to handle EPROTONOSUPPORT,

1648.	[protocol]	Add DNAME support to nsupdate and res_mkupdate.
			Note:  DNAME is not supported by named.  If you
			need server side DNAME support please use BIND 9.

1647.	[func]		nsupdate: add "send" from BIND 9.

1646.	[protocol]	Do not make reverse queries under IP6.INT by default.
			To get the old behaviour set "options v6revmode:both"
			in resolv.conf.

1645.	[bug]		named-xfer: misformated address/port pairs in log

1644.	[cleanup]	remove unused variable from res_hnok().

1643.	[bug]		Update root hints, B.ROOT-SERVERS.NET

1642.	[bug]		evWaitFor() and evDo() were being passed non-matching

1641.	[bug]		"CH" was missing from list to class names.
			Note: this will impact lookups of the Swiss top
			level domain "CH" and the unqualified hostname "CH".

1640.	[contrib]	rfc1101 removed.

	-- 8.4.4 released --- (Thu Jan 15 18:07:14 PST 2004)

1639.	[port]		linux: glibc compatibility.

1638.	[bug]		"controls { inet * ....; };" was broken.

1637.	[bug]		if the current lookup requires self glue allow nslookup
			to signal that the caller may call check the parent.

1636.	[bug]		fully reset the query control structure after following
			a cname.

1635.	[bug]		delayed sysqueries were not being subject to sysquery
			chaining distance test.

1634.	[bug]		improve sysquery() duplicate detection.

1633.	[port]		linux: maintain binary compatability with linux's
			struct addrinfo.

1632.	[port]		solaris: maintain binary compatability with
			sun's struct addrinfo.

1631.	[cleanup]	only attempt to open the IPv6 query source if
			HAS_INET6_STRUCTS is defined.

1630.	[debug]		tracing for more resolver options.

1629.	[bug]		track which nameservers we have made a sysquery()

1628.	[bug]		don't lookup missing alternate addresses for
			lame servers.

1627.	[bug]		named-xfer: failure to supply manditory option -f
			resulted in a core dump.

1626.	[port]		decunix: used -std1 rather than -std.

1625.	[bug]		forward-only wasn't working correctly.

1624.	[port]		decunix: provide ALIGN macro.

1623.	[bug]		change #1614 contained a error stopped the
			presence AAAA records delaying the A lookups.

1622.	[bug]		restore missing "/" from query log.

1621.	[port]		hpux: make include/arpa/inet.h compatible with
			that distributed by HP when _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED
			is defined.

1620.	[port]		decunix: silence "-std1" warnings in ns_main.c.

1619.	[port]		decunix: remove duplicate typedefs.

1618.	[func]		report amount of time is seconds since the host
			statistics were last cleared or server started.

	--- 8.4.3 released --- (Mon Nov 24 17:27:52 PST 2003)

1617.	[cleanup]	don't pre-fetch missing additional address records if
			we have one of A/AAAA.

1616.	[func]		turn on "preferred-glue A;" (if not specified in
			named.conf) if the answer space is a standard UDP
			message size or smaller.

1615.	[func]		when query logging log whether TSIG (S) and/or EDNS (E)
			was used to make the query.

1614.	[cleanup]	on dual (IPv4+IPv6) stack servers delay the lookup of
			missing glue if we have glue for one family.

1613.	[cleanup]	notify: don't lookup A/AAAA records for nameservers
			if we don't support the address at the transport level.

1612.	[func]		named now takes arguements -4 and -6 to limit the
			IP transport used for making queries.

1611.	[debug]		better packet tracing in debug output (+ some lint).

1610.	[bug]		don't explictly declare errno use <errno.h>.

1609.	[bug]		drop_port() was being called with ports in network
			order rather than host order.

1608.	[port]		sun: force alignment of answer in dig.c.

1607.	[bug]		do not attempt to prime cache when recursion and
			fetch-glue are disabled.

1606.	[bug]		sysquery duplicate detection was broken when
			using forwarders.

1605.	[port]		sun: force alignment of newmsg in ns_resp.c.

1604.	[bug]		heap_delete() sometimes violated the heap invariant,
			causing timer events not to be posted when due.

1603.	[port]		ds_remove_gen() mishandled removal IPv6 interfaces.

1602.	[port]		linux: work around a non-standard __P macro.

1601.	[bug]		dig could report the wrong server address on transfers.

1600.	[bug]		debug_freestr() prototype mismatch.

1599.	[bug]		res_nsearch() save statp->res_h_errno instead of

1598.	[bug]		dprint_ip_match_list() fails to print the mask

1597.	[bug]		use the actual presentation length of the IP address
			to determine if sprintf() is safe in write_tsig_info().

	--- 8.4.2 released --- (Thu Sep  4 06:58:22 PDT 2003)

1596.	[port]		winnt: set USELOOPBACK in port_after.h

1595.	[bug]		dig: strcat used instead of strcpy.

1594.	[bug]		if only a single nameserver was listed in resolv.conf
			IPv6 default server was also being used.

1593.	[port]		irix: update port/irix/irix_patch.

1592.	[port]		irix: provide a sysctl() based getifaddrs()

1591.	[port]		irix: sa_len is a macro.

1590.	[port]		irix: doesn't have msg_control (NO_MSG_CONTROL)

1589.	[port]		linux: uninitalised variable.

1588.	[port]		solaris: provide ALIGN.

1587.	[port]		NGR_R_END_RESULT was not correct for some ports.

1586.	[port]		winnt: revert to old socket behaviour for UDP
			sockets (Windows 2000 SP2 and later).

1585.	[port]		solaris: named-xfer needs <fcntl.h>.

1584.	[port]		bsdos: explictly include <netinet6/in6.h> for
			4.0 and 4.1.

1583.	[bug]		add -X to named-xfer usage message.

1582.	[bug]		ns_ownercontext() failed to set the correct owner
			context for AAAA records. ns_ptrcontext() failed
			to return the correct context for IP6.ARPA.

1581.	[bug]		apply anti-cache poison techniques to negative

1580.	[bug]		inet_net_pton() didn't fully handle implicit
			multicast IPv4 network addresses.

1579.	[bug]		ifa_addr can be NULL.

1578.	[bug]		named-xfer: wrong arguement passed to getnameinfo().

1577.	[func]		return referrals for glue (NS/A/AAAA) if recursion
			is not desired (hp->rd = 0).

1576.	[bug]		res_nsendsigned() incorrectly printed the truncated
			UDP response when RES_IGNTC was not set.

1575.	[bug]		tcp_send() passed the wrong length to evConnect().

1574.	[bug]		res_nsendsigned() failed to handle truncation

1573.	[bug]		tsig_size was not being copied by ns_forw().

1572.	[port]		bsdos: missing #include <ifaddrs.h>.

1571.	[bug]		AA was sometimes incorrectly set.

1570.	[port]		decunix: change #1544 broke OSF1 3.2C.

1569.	[bug]		remove extraneous closes.

1568.	[cleanup]	reduce the memory footprint for large numbers of

1567.	[port]		winnt: install MSVC70.DLL and MFC70.DLL.

1566.	[bug]		named failed to locate keys declared in masters

1565.	[bug]		named-xfer was failing to use TSIG.

1564.	[port]		linux: allow static linkage to work.

1563.	[bug]		ndc getargs_closure failed to NUL terminate strings.

1562.	[bug]		handle non-responsive servers better.

1561.	[bug]		rtt estimates were not being updated for IPv6

1560.	[port]		linux: add runtime support to handle old kernels
			that don't know about msg_control.

1559.	[port]		named, named-xfer: ensure that stdin, stdout and
			stderr are open.

	--- 8.4.1-P1 released --- (Sun Jun 15 17:35:10 PDT 2003)

1558.	[port]		sunos4 doesn't have msg_control (NO_MSG_CONTROL).

1557.	[port]		linux: socket returns EINVAL for unsupported family.

1556.	[bug]		reference through NULL pointer.

1555.	[bug]		sortlist wasn't being applied to AAAA queries.

1554.	[bug]		IPv4 access list elements of the form number/number
			(e.g. 127/8)  were not correctly defined.

1553.	[bug]		getifaddrs*() failed to set ifa_dstaddr for point
			to point links (overwrote ifa_addr).

1552.	[bug]		buffer overruns in getifaddrs*() if the server has
			point to point links.

1551.	[port]		freebsd: USE_IFNAMELINKIDS should be conditionally

1550.	[port]		TruCluster support didn't build.

1549.	[port]		Solaris 9 has /dev/random.

	--- 8.4.1-REL released --- (Sun Jun  8 15:11:32 PDT 2003)

1548.	[port]		winnt: make recv visible from libbind.

1547.	[port]		cope with spurious EINVAL from evRead.

1546.	[cleanup]	dig now reports version 8.4.

1545.	[bug]		getifaddrs_sun6 was broken.

1544.	[port]		hpux 10.20 has a broken recvfrom().  Revert to recv()
			in named-xfer and work around deprecated recv() in

1543.	[bug]		named failed to send notifies to servers that live
			in zones it was authoritative for.

1542.	[bug]		set IPV6_USE_MIN_MTU on IPv6 sockets if the kernel
			supports it.

1541.	[bug]		getifaddrs_sun6() should be a no-op on early SunOS

	--- 8.4.0-REL released --- (Sun Jun  1 17:49:31 PDT 2003)

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