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Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Mon Apr 19 04:01:35 UTC 2004

> +#if _MSC_VER < 1300
> +#define s6_addr8	s6_addr
> +#define in6_addr in_addr6
> +#endif
> +

	I'm sceptical about the need for the first define.  We don't
	use s6_addr8 except in the lib/isc/include/isc/ip6.h which is
	masked by lib/isc/win32/include/isc/ip6.h.

	It is defined but not used in lib/lwres/include/lwres/ipv6.h.

% grep -r s6_addr8 lib bin
lib/isc/include/isc/ipv6.h:#define s6_addr8     _S6_un._S6_u8
lib/isc/include/isc/ipv6.h:     ((a)->s6_addr8[0] == 0xffU)
lib/lwres/include/lwres/ipv6.h:#define s6_addr8 _S6_un._S6_u8

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