BIND 8.4.4-REL

Peter Koch pk at TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE
Wed Jan 14 10:24:42 UTC 2004

> an auth-only with > 100 q/s. I didn't test IPv6, but the performance
> problems experienced with 8.4.3 have gone. Thanks.

after also testing v6 I've only found one minor problem which even may be
a ``feature'':

Our system has multiple IPv4 addresses, one of which is explicitly mentioned
in both "listen-on" and "query-source". I've also used an explicit IPv6
address in the listen-on-v6 statement. With

	query-source-v6 address * port 53;

there's also a listening socket for IPv4 and any DNS queries/updates etc.
directed to any IPv4 address not mentioned in the listen-on statement
generates a log entry

	refused query on non-query socket from [::ffff:]

(since I use 53 for both in and out). After replacing the wildcard above to a
specific IPv6 address, the log messages no longer appear. That's on Solaris 8,
by the way.


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