9.3.0beta3 on Windows Feedback

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at isc.org
Wed May 19 06:40:53 UTC 2004

> >
> >I snipped the other parts of the message about signzone and the check
> >utils, I'll get those under the debugger shortly.
> >
> > > >Finally, dnssec-makekeyset and dnssec-signkey are still being built and
> > > >installed.
> > >
> > > Shouldn't they be?
> >
> >On the unix side, they're not built at all. My understanding was that
> >with the move to DS, makekeyset and signkey are no longer needed.
> If they are no longer used, should they be distributed? In this can the dsw 
> file and build
> files should be modified not to include them.
> Danny

	At the moment I've stopped installing them.

	As for the "dsw" files MS have done there usual thing and
	have introduced a new format to save the state in "sln".
	The dsw's are converted to sln's when you use them.

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