9.2.5 db causes high cpu? was: Re: BIND 9.2.5rc1 is now available.

JINMEI Tatuya / 神明達哉 jinmei at isl.rdc.toshiba.co.jp
Sun Feb 20 21:11:14 UTC 2005

>>>>> On Sun, 20 Feb 2005 17:09:54 +0100, 
>>>>> Stefan Schmidt <zaphodb--bind at zaphods.net> said:

>> (But I'm afraid we're moving toward an off-topic...although I must
>> admit I was partly responsible for that.  I'm not intending to put my
>> own impression to others on BIND8 vs BIND9 or whether or when BIND8
>> should retire.  I was mainly trying to help someone who has a problem
>> with BIND9 based on my experiences and knowledge.)
> Well, if we cannot discuss this here then where would be the right place for
> it? Bind9 is OSS and this is not the bind-users but the bind-workers ML so i
> suppose this is just where we can expect the most feedback on our thoughts
> from the actual developers and be it that its just not that crowded here.
> If there is a problem it needs to be discussed, right?

In general yes, of course.  I was afraid some of the discussions *in
this thread* were diverging from your original question and those
would make the focus vague.  For example, whether BIND9 implements the
check-names option is irrelevant to the "high CPU usage" problem.
Similarly, BIND8 vs BIND9 in general or whether/when BIND8 should
retire is not directly relevant.  Of course, "use BIND8" would be one
possible solution to your problem, but I was afraid the discussions in
this thread were going further beyond the original focus.

I hope I'm clear enough this time.

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