restructuring/redesigning BIND (was Re: 9.2.5 db causes high cpu?)

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Tue Feb 22 20:58:37 UTC 2005

On  0, Paul Vixie <paul at> inscribed onto the electric medium...
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> > If I may play at being systems programmer for a moment, it would seem
> > to me that the Apache scheme of providing functionality with DSOs
> > pulled in at configuration time could supply the benefits of a
> > smaller, more concise code base while providing the framework for the
> > future, in-progress items, such as TSIG, IPv6, and related.
> sounds like you're being fooled by the size of the libraries.  

I'm ignoring the library sizes, actually.  Except for dnscache and
tinydns which only link in the standard libsocket and libc libraries.
And yes, we're pretty much talking toemaytoes vs toemahtoes in this

> there's already excellent separation between the mainline and the
> various modules that provide the various functionality.  we just
> don't put functionality into user-specified *.so files the way
> apache2 does.  (note that i'd like us to do this for things like SQL
> and other backend support, but not for things like protocol
> processing.)

Ah, that was my main point, splitting things out that is.  I'd think a
'baseline' BIND named without any "new fangled stuff" should be quick
to startup and more secure than a BIND that incorporates the
in-progress items like TSIG and IPv6.  

> (also note that since "named" is the only client for most of these libraries,
> the in-core savings from "--enable-shared --enable-libtool" is nonexistent.)

Well, likewise for Apache, mmm?  The point being much more about
security and restricting/abstracting featureset than reducing core
size.  Pieces like the DLZ work and other database-backend plugins
should be simple .so additions, not the patch-o-rama it is today.  



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