Generating more useful statistics from BIND 9

Paul Vixie paul at
Thu Mar 24 18:29:32 UTC 2005

> > looks like this doesn't have any locking?
> Absolutely true - as I said, "Works okay for me in my non-threaded/
> uniprocessor environment, probably not suitable for the general
> threaded/multiprocessor case.".

thanks -- just checking.

> I haven't studied the BIND 9 internals enough to be comfortable with
> adding locking/threading support. My patch seems to work for me, if it
> is useful to others, wonderful. It will definitely need some reworking
> if it is going to become a standard part of BIND 9.

what we really want is bind8-like "per-host stats" with all bazillion or
so counters.  the threading and locking issues have made that intensely
hard to do without further performance loss (which bind9 already suffers
from compared to bind8).  therefore we've (mostly jinmei, that is) been
working on changing/improving our locking/threading model to improve
overall performance and make it possible to add per-host bind8-style
counters.  think good thoughts about 9.4 having some of this on board
later in the year.  ("don't applaud, folks, just throw money.")

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