lwres and round-robin

Alex Cresswell acresswell at x-iss.com
Fri Mar 3 17:20:02 UTC 2006

I'm new to this list so please be patient. Let me start at the beginning of the issue: One of our customers is using round-robin to load balance, and we have rolled out lwres to the desktop systems(via the nss_lwres library). We discovered that lwres always returns the same A record for the round-robin addresses we're using. So far I have tried setting up views, specifying the rrset-order as random, and even setting up a subdomain on a separate name server containing the round-robin addresses, but after each of these changes the client still gets the same A record for the name it's resolving. 

Our customer has requested that we fix bind to provide randomized results to the lwres clients, and that brings me to where I'm at now. I have started to look at the bind code (9.3.2) but have not yet changed anything. There appears to be some sort code in place but I'm not clear on what it's doing. So my questions are: 
Is there a way to configure bind to reply to lwres queries and follow the rrset-order option (or at least provide random results)? 
If not, could someone provide some guidance on where I should make the changes to add this functionality, and provide some guidance on how to get the code accepted back into the bind source. 


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