Will named get capability to dynamically update forwarders?

Lars-Johan Liman liman at autonomica.se
Wed Dec 5 18:00:55 UTC 2007

paul at xelerance.com:
> dhclient rewriting named.conf is a really bad hack at best. Isn't this
> someting for rndc?

On the file-hack side of things: you could to it in a separate file
that you "include" into the central named.conf, to make the scripting
easier. It's still a hack, though. :-)

On the rndc side, I believe that rndc is not designed to handle config
data. There are three types of information that one may want to convey
to a running name server, commands, config data, and zone data. Rndc
hadles the first. You're talking about the second.

I view this as input to the discussions regarding a new name server
management protocol, which may be able to handle all three. I don't
believe that rndc (in its current form) is the right place for this.


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