Automatized BIND building

Adam Tkac atkac at
Mon Jun 11 14:48:38 UTC 2007

Mark Andrews napsal(a):
>> And not create binaries while running configure that can't be used in a cross
>> compile while they are at it (If that's still in issue for binf 9.4+)
> 	That should have been addresses.
>         The following need to be set when cross compiling.
>             BUILD_CC
>                 The native C compiler.
>             BUILD_CFLAGS (optional)
>             BUILD_CPPFLAGS (optional)
>                 Possible Settings:
>                 -DNEED_OPTARG=1         (optarg is not declared in <unistd.h>)
>             BUILD_LDFLAGS (optional)
>             BUILD_LIBS (optional)
I'm quite unsure about this. I've tried
$grep -r \\.NOTPARALLEL\: ./*

This indicates that something is wrong with compilation schema. When you 
have for example 4 processor machine and run "make -j4" those directives 
significantly degrade compilation speed.


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