Automatized BIND building

Adam Tkac atkac at
Wed Jun 20 17:42:23 UTC 2007

Adam Tkac napsal(a):
> Looks nobody has argument why not try this change. It would be nice 
> have this implemented in final 9.5 release. But I can't find BIND 
> development plan. I'm not sure if it is possible write and test lines 
> and lines of Makefiles.

I've started doing on this stuff. I've created example how all could 
look like. You could see which contains 
Makefiles for libisc library. Configure script under progress is on .

Note - of course, all is under development so it's impossible compile 

This is only like sample how could final BIND 9.5 looks like (I don't 
want spend many devel-nights and in the end get answer like "We don't 
need changes like that" :) ). Also I have big reservations about 
intelligence in configure script. I think we could give options how 
change all possible. But not try determine if some system has something 
in /usr/asdf instead in /usr. What's your opinion?

Regards, Adam

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