how to find what features/options added between releases?

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Thu May 10 18:24:25 UTC 2007

> > Is comparing bin/named/config.c the best way?

> This would be very beneficial for integrating new releases in Solaris as this
> information is expected for inception review.  It would be really fantastic if
> the migration.txt file within BIND CVS tree was maintained with this
> information....

> Here is what I documented between BIND 9.2 and 9.3:

Thanks. I see some I missed. I probably should also compare 
bind9/bin/named/server.c, bind9/doc/misc/options, and 

(Also I started my comparison listed in my first email with v9_2 instead 
of v9_2_base which is not what I meant.)

> I attached the migration.txt document (where the above was extracted from)
> which we provide with Solaris BIND distribution.

Thank you Stacey! This is very useful.

I didn't think about it much before but adding the 8 to 9 migration to 
the ARM seems to be very useful.

I see your file doesn't add any new copyright. So ... I will use some of 
your text in the ARM version I am working on so it will be in *one* 
reference manual. I will share some as DocBook diffs to bind9 bugs (but 
then it may become a little redundant between the ARM and the migration 
text file).

If you are anyone wants to see my work on this, please let me know.

  Jeremy C. Reed

p.s. Off-topic: Does Sun also provide packet filter documentation and 
update notes?

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