Comprehensive patch to integrate MaxMind into BIND

Ken Brownfield kb+bind at
Fri Jun 19 06:54:22 UTC 2009

I've written a patch to BIND 9.6.0 (I just noticed 9.6.1, which I will  
port to) that comprehensively implements all of the (relevant) MaxMind  
databases via match-clients directives.  It supports all returned  
fields from the Country, City, Region, ISP, Org, AS, Netspeed, and  
Domain DBs.   I've left out IPv6 support, as currently the MaxMind  
support for this is... vague.

There are currently at least two patches in the wild that are against  
9.4.x, and only support the country database, and these were the  
inspiration to properly support all of the databases with thread- 
safety and high-performance.

We've passed billions of requests through this version over the last  
couple of months with no issues, so now I'm here.

What is ISC's official policy on A) users making patches for BIND  
publicly accessible, and B) ISC receiving patches for consideration in  
"mainline" BIND?  Geo-location is becoming very useful these days, so  
having this facility built into BIND (before 10 :) could be a good  
"selling" point.

Any comments?


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