patches to make bind9 with TKEY/GSS updates easier to configure

Rob Austein sra at
Sun Dec 5 20:41:27 UTC 2010

At Sun, 5 Dec 2010 20:31:02 +0000, Evan Hunt wrote:
> Sorry, I misunderstood that this was for nsupdate not named.  Still, why
> an environment variable?  Could you get the same effect with a a "-r realm"
> option on the nsupdate command line, or a "realm <name>" command at the
> nsupdate command prompt?  Or if there's more to it than just the realm,
> perhaps a "-K <krb5conf>" option?

The relevant getenv() call is in the krb5/gssapi libraries, not BIND.

> I'd prefer to reduce the number of things in BIND 9 that are controlled by
> environment variables when it's avoidable; they make the system harder to
> support and debug.  It isn't always avoidable of course, but I'd like to
> be sure.

Perhaps setenv() would help here.

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