Binding to non-local interfaces

Terry Burton tez at
Fri Oct 22 14:37:29 UTC 2010


I would like to suggest that support for binding to non-local
interface be added. This is permissible in Linux using

BIND prunes the list of detected IP addresses to those specified by
the listen-on directive. If would however be useful to be able to
specify a set of addresses that are listened on persistently that may
be non-local, perhaps via a listen-on-always directive. This would
allow BIND to play nice in a keepalived/VRRP setup by listening on a
non-local IP address for which the host may suddenly become the master
at which point it appears locally.

Currently it is necessary to perform an rndc reload (*) upon each VRRP
state transition or to perform NAT between the ephemeral VRRP address
and a persistent local address. With the aforementioned changes this
could be avoided.

Would others find this beneficial?

(*) Which may be expensive should the VRRP be flapping.

All the best,


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