howto know if a query was delegated to cache

harish badrinath harishbadrinath at
Fri Jul 22 08:53:05 UTC 2011


I am doing some small internal changes to bind and i have to know when
a query is being answered from the cache.

Is that information recorded in client.attributes or client->query.attributes ??

can any one tell me where the code branches for cached/non cached
responses in function query_find in the file "bin/named/query.c"

Most of my print statements in "bin/named/query.c:query_find" that are
outside if/else blocks show up, but the output from a response from
cache is a lot quieter/subdued (as in no 5 screens of output), but
there seem to be no

if(condition|binary_function == (true|false))
response was given by cache

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