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Mark Andrews marka at
Tue Jun 14 01:49:28 UTC 2011

In message <56321.1308013927 at>, Paul Vixie writes:
> > From: Mark Andrews <marka at>
> > Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 11:04:09 +1000
> > 
> > latest TXT <version list>
> > supported TXT <version list>		not eol and no known vulnerabil
> ities
> > 9.0.0 TXT <cve list>/"*"/"-"		"*" no longer maintained (N yea
> rs
> > 					    after eol)
> > 9.4.1 TXT <cve list>/"*"/"-"		"-" no known vulnerabilities.
> > 9.4.2 TXT <cve list>/"*"/"-"
> > 9.8.0b1 TXT <cve list>/"*"/"-"	only listed until end of beta/rc period
> i think you mean 0.0.9, 1.4.9, 2.4.9, and 0b1.8.9, in the above example.

Actually I don't think there is any benefit in reversing it as we
are not delegating away chunks of namespace.,
and enum delegate away chunks of namespace and you need to reverse
the labels to do so.

> (not that i'm sure this is what i'd recommend doing, but in any case let's
> put the most significant label on the right if we put stuff in the dns.)
> the thing that pains folks is that the qname will express their version
> number.  even if someone is comfortable having ISC receive this information
> (which as michael graff pointed out would help us allocated resources since
> we'd have some idea of how many people run each old version), they might
> not be comfortable exposing this information in the clear to passive dns
> and any deep packet inspection machinery that's on the path to ISC.

cve TXT <version> <cve list>
    TXT <version> <cve list>


cve TXT <cve> <version list>
    TXT <cve> <version list>

The only thing here is that we will reach the 64K limit at some
point would need to trim the RRset or provide a link to the next

Alternatively we could have a record that list all versions and the
update checker justs asks for everything on that list discarding
what it doesn't use.

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