ANNOUNCEMENT: New BIND versions are available.

Michael McNally mcnally at
Fri Apr 12 23:46:44 UTC 2013

Hello, bind-workers readers:

ISC would like you to know that new versions of BIND are available;
release candidates BIND 9.6-ESV-R9rc1, BIND 9.8.5rc1, and BIND 9.9.3rc1
have been released and made available via ISC's web and ftp sites.

We'd also like to take a minute of your time to explain a recent
change in our announcement procedures when new versions of BIND are
made available.

Until recently it has been our policy, when a new version is released,
to send an announcement to each of the bind-related ISC public mailing
lists.  For those who are subscribed to multiple lists, this results
in considerable duplication of the announcement e-mails.  While it's
true that disk space is cheap, your time and attention are precious
and limited commodities and we would rather not bombard you with news
of our releases if it's not necessary.

We've thought about it and decided that bind-announce is the suitable
forum for these announcements and from now on we would like to send
the announcement messages only to bind-announce.  This will be a change
in status for bind-users and bind-workers subscribers.  For the next
several releases we will also post to bind-users and bind-workers with
a reminder message like this one so that members who are subscribed
only to those lists will see that there are new versions, but we urge
you to take a moment to subscribe to bind-users if you are not already
receiving it.  List traffic is minimal and consists almost exclusively
of new version announcements and security advisories from ISC.

You can subscribe to the bind-announce list by visiting:

If you want to survey past list content without subscribing you can
go to:

Bind-users and bind-workers will continue to fulfill their functions
as valuable community resources and discussion forums but beginning
with this set of releases they will no longer receive the customary
new version announcements.  Our hope is that this will result in fewer
duplicate messages for everyone.

Thank you,

Michael McNally
ISC Support

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