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, Dario Lombardo writes:
> Hello everybody
> I'm digging into the named source code because I would like to add a
> single log line that shows me some info about the response named is
> going to send back to the client. What I would like to log is:
> - client ip address
> - qname/qtype/qclass
> - size of the response
> - number of rr for every section
> I've found many points in the code where I can find those infos, but
> not all together. What I've find so far (bind 9.10.0-P1):
> bin/named/query.c:8381 (around) => can find client ip, qname, qtype,
> qclass, but I miss the resp
> lib/dns/resolver.c:8726 (around) => can find  qname, qtype, qclass,
> but I miss client ip and resp
> Can anybody help me to find a point in the code where I can get what I need?
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