Zone reload timing issues in 9.10.1-P2

Rob Foehl rwf at
Wed Mar 4 00:00:43 UTC 2015

I've got a few instances of 9.10.1-P2 which appear to ignore an explicit 
'rndc reload' for master zones with mtimes prior to the zone 
load time, even though the contents have changed, including updated serial 
numbers.  The specific circumstances include a provisioning system which 
writes new zones to disk immediately on update but waits to rename() them 
over the existing zones until named is ready to accept control channel 
commands (post-startup or post-reconfig, for example).

This wasn't the case for numerous releases of 9.7 through 9.9, all of 
which happily did what they were told on the reloads.  I can't find 
anything relevant in the release notes, either -- was this an intentional 
change in 9.10?


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