Formatted code comments for BIND9

Robert Edmonds edmonds at
Tue May 12 20:03:46 UTC 2015

Victoria Risk wrote:
> Evan has generated and posted a copy of the Oxygen version of the comments in the BIND9 code here: <>
> In case you are looking for it another time, it has been added to the right menu on the web pages for BIND9 developers on the web site.


This is great, thanks for this.

I notice this footer on the page:

    Generated on Tue Apr 28 17:40:53 2015 by Doxygen 1.5.4 for BIND9
    Internals 9.11.0pre-alpha

Doxygen 1.5.4 is fairly old (from 2007), you might want to have a look
at a more recent version.  E.g., Doxygen 1.8.0 and newer support
Markdown formatting, which is a bit nicer to read/write than HTML, IMO.

Robert Edmonds

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