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Thu Feb 9 08:23:31 UTC 2017

We have DNS servers (Venders are Dell & HP & Fujitsu)
Recently, we upgraded bind version from 9.9.8-P3 to 9.9.9-P4.
We find out server query performance droped from our test.(Used DNS perf. program)
Especially, dell server droped minus 61%.
I wonder why server performance droped.
And why dell server droped high percentage than HP servers.

ㅇ Server performance test result (Based Maximum Unique Query/Sec)
- server name (CPU spec):               Bind 9.9.8-P3 -> Bind 9.9.9-P4
 - HP DL360 G5 (3.0Ghz dual*2) :     10,000pps ->   6,896pps (-31%)
- HP DL360 G7 (2.17Ghz 4core*1) : 14,000pps -> 13,938pps
- HP DL380 G7 (2.4Ghz 4core*2):    14,000pps -> 14,262pps
- HP DL360 G8 (2.3Ghz 6core*1):    24,000pps -> 21,318pps (-11%)
- Dell R610 (2.27Ghz 4core*2):         17,000pps->   6,557pps (-61%)

Thank you,
Wonyoung, Lee


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