New BIND Gitlab open for public access

Tony Finch dot at
Thu Feb 15 18:59:33 UTC 2018

Victoria Risk <vicky at> wrote:
> Gitlab will make collaborating with ISC easier and more transparent.
> Community developers can submit merge requests directly, and will get
> author credit tracked in the source repo, (instead of emailing patches
> to our old bug tracker).

This sounds very promising to me!

I've got an uncommitted fix for an open issue (#46210) which I thought I
would use to try out the new setup.

Are we supposed to use the GitHub-style fork, hack, pull/merge request
workflow? I apparently have a fork quota of zero which makes this a bit
hard :-)

I've cloned the repo from its new home OK, though the v9_12_1b1 tag is
missing (I don't know if there should be a v9_12_1_patch branch or if
that comes after the 9.12.1 release).

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