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 There is a new comment in the ticket submitted by Evan Hunt to TruBrain   Comment added by : Tony Finch  Comment Content:  <div>Evan Hunt <<a href="mailto:each at" rel="noreferrer">each at</a>> wrote:<br>><br>> The tag should be there now.<br><br>Got it, thanks.<br><br>> There's no v9_12_1_patch branch at this time.  If we ended up merging<br>> something to v9_12 after 9.12.1 was frozen, then we'd create the _patch<br>> branch and use it for the 9.12.1 release, but we won't bother to branch<br>> unless there's a divergence.<br><br>That makes sense, thanks for the explanation!<br><br>Tony.<br>-- <br>f.anthony.n.finch  <<a href="mailto:dot at" rel="noreferrer">dot at</a>>  <a href="" rel="noreferrer"></a>  -  I xn--zr8h punycode<br>South Utsire: Cyclonic 5 or 6. Rough or very rough. Rain or sleet. Moderate or<br>poor.<br>_______________________________________________<br>bind-workers mailing list<br><a href="mailto:bind-workers at" rel="noreferrer">bind-workers at</a><br><a href="" rel="noreferrer"></a><br>

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