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Tony Finch dot at
Fri Oct 18 14:33:53 UTC 2019

Josef Möllers <josef.moellers at> wrote:
> I have made it my first task to upgrade to the latest 9.14.7 release and
> have discovered that the contrib/ subtree has been greatly reduced. What
> as become of the subtrees like sdb, queryperf and such?

Have a look at the git history - this commit should answer your questions:

Author: Evan Hunt <each at>
Date:   2019-02-08 16:47:46 -0800

    remove contrib/sdb

    removed the SDB databases in contrib/sdb as they hadn't been
    maintained in some time, and were no longer able to link to named
    without modification.  also:

    - cleaned up contrib/README, which still referred to contrib
      subdirectores that were removed already, and linked to an obsolete URL.
    - removed references to sdb in doc/misc/roadmap and doc/misc/sdb.

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