Adding a new Resource Record (RR) Class to BIND 9

David M Walker davidw at
Thu Jan 2 14:47:21 UTC 2020

Hi there

Whilst there is some documentation on adding a new type, there is less on adding a new class

I want to add a class PAY. To this end I have created a directory under data as pay_65280 and added the appropriate files in this directory

Part 1 - Possible Bug

The choice of 65280 is covered by RFC6895 - <> - as a private class number
Bind9 fails to build this because the line for pay_65280 comes after the any_255 line in ./lib/dns/include/dns/enumclass.h  and is therefore missing a comma.

This all works if I rename it to pay_253 - which is not RFC compliant but at least moves me on.

Part 2 - Possible developer fail

The code now complies cleanly (we tested the code previously in class IN_1 to break the problem down into smaller chunks, but then made the approrpaiet class changes and moved it into the new directory)

Starting with named -g gets

02-Jan-2020 14:44:43.745 unknown RR type 'PAY'
02-Jan-2020 14:44:43.745 zone loading from master file failed: unknown class/type
02-Jan-2020 14:44:43.745 zone not loaded due to errors.

This implies there is somewhere else that PAY needs to e added for this to work

Any suggestions where to look please?
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