9.14 -> 9.16 - Slaves zones fail to transfer - dns_request_createvia4() failed: permission denied

Karl Pielorz karl.pielorz at getonline.co.uk
Sun Mar 29 21:55:28 UTC 2020


I've recently switched one of our DNS servers from Bind 9.14 to Bind 9.16 - 
this is under FreeBSD 11.3

The switch seemed to go ok - no errors logged, all the master zones loaded 
- all the slave zones reloaded, and queries worked until today - where we 
just got:

  named[72036]: zone mydomain.com/IN: expired

And nothing answered for queries for 'mydomain.com' So, wanting a 'quick 
fix' - I shut down bind, remove the slave zone from disk - and restarted it 
(thinking it would just pull it in again).

This didn't result in a successful AXFR from the master - and instead just 
another 'expired' error logged.

Having turned up logging to 'debug' - I seem to be left with:

   22:29:19.116 general: debug 1: soa_query: zone mydomain.com/IN: 
dns_request_createvia4() failed: permission denied

Anyone know if this is the likely cause of the slave zone not getting 
AXFR'd - and any idea how I can fix it?

The same config worked under 9.14 - I can't see anything in our config 
that's 'broken' in 9.16 (and no errors logged) - and I can manually 'dig' 
the AXFR from the command line - I'm just a bit stumped as to what 
'dns_request_createvia4()' failing could mean, and if that's the likely 



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