[bind10-dev] Larissa's status

Larissa Shapiro larissas at isc.org
Tue Jun 15 16:00:01 UTC 2010

Larissa's status...

Spent the latter part of last week in a business operations all hands  
meeting, doing a lot of long term business strategy work, some of  
which will come into BIND 10 in the next couple of years. Good stuff.  
Brief sojurn to the Google IPv6 innovators conference, too, which I'd  
like to do more of next time.

Last two days (and next two) at NANOG, where one of my main goals is  
talking to network operators about what they want in their recursive  
DNS, and what they don't want, hopefully to inform our development  
process. Getting some good feedback. Talking to a few potential  
sponsors as well.

Helping Brian get some BIND 10 specific collateral and booth-stuff  
going for ICANN.


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