[bind10-dev] [refactor] ChangeLog category?

Evan Hunt each at isc.org
Fri Jun 18 19:31:37 UTC 2010

> Now, what do you think?  Does this explanation affect how you'd
> categorize Change 57?  Or do you still believe it should be called
> "cleanup" while we also have "refactor(ing)" for other types of
> changes?

Actually, even using the narrower definition, I think change 57 is
close enough to the line between the two that either category would
be reasonable.  (I hadn't been thinking about the fact that it also
adds a test and eliminates a variable.)

And I'm also fine with switching to the broader use of the word
"refactor" if that's what it means to most people.  In that case
we should probably not bother using a separate "cleanup" category,
because it seems to be almost completely subsumed under the broad
definition of "refactor".


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