[bind10-dev] Cmdctl runs without account/key/certificate file

zhanglikun zlkzhy at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 12:24:40 UTC 2010

There are two tickets related with cmdctl, they talk about what cmdctl
should do when missing account/key/certificate file, see
T82:  cmdctl and missing account 
T83:  cmdctl and missing key/certificate

The currently implementation for them is: 
cmdctl still runs when missing any of them.
If missing account file, any user can't login to cmdctl.
If missing key or certificate, all connections from bindctl will be denied.
(Proper log message should be given to end user.)

Anyway, it doesn't do any impact on the service provided by Auth server.

There is another possible solution: Make cmdctl exit when missing
account/key/certificate. I don't think this is a better choice, since it
will make boss restart cmdctl.

Any better suggestion?

Zhang Likun

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