[bind10-dev] Blog comment from BDB developer

Shane Kerr shane at isc.org
Thu Jun 24 10:15:00 UTC 2010


Interesting comment on the BIND 10 blog today:


        Comment by Gregory Burd (not verified) on 23 Jun 2010 
        We here in the Berkeley DB group within Oracle would be happy to
        support your testing efforts comparing BDB SQL(ite) with native
        SQLite. I'm fairly confident that you'll see a dramatic
        difference in concurrency, throughput and query execution time.
        This, to me, seems like a great way to provide value to those
        who use BIND10 with the minimal effort. A configuration-time
        switch to choose BDB SQL(ite) or native SQLite would provide
        your customers with an easy way to improve performance and help
        you avoid all that custom engineering to improve performance by
        working around SQLite restrictions (using multiple database
        files for instance). Please contact me if you'd like to do this
        work with us.
        regards, and thanks for your hard work,

I think that's very cool, since I was hoping for BDB support in the next
3 months. :)


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