[bind10-dev] ASIO and asyncore, was Re: Question about config channel and another msgq channel

Kazunori Fujiwara fujiwara at wide.ad.jp
Wed Jun 30 09:58:06 UTC 2010

Hi, Shane,

Thanks very much for your explanation about asyncore.

Currently, BIND 10 components uses variours models to implement
asynchronous I/O.

  C++ code: using ASIO
  bind10:   select.select
  msgq:     select.poll or select.kqueue
  cfgmgr:   blocks at self.cc.group_recvmsg(False)
  cmdctl:   select.select + polling
  xfrin:    thread + asyncore
  xfrout:   thread + blocking

  statistics: trying to use select.select

Then, do we consider these differences are OK?

> From: Shane Kerr <shane at isc.org>
> Anyway, asyncore is good (the popular Twisted framework is built on it),
> but it is not the same as ASIO. It is simpler I think, but may involve a
> bit more work on the application side.


Kazunori Fujiwara

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