[bind10-dev] Command tool "product requirements"

Jerry Scharf scharf at isc.org
Sat Jan 8 16:42:16 UTC 2011


I have been working on a document that lays out what is needed in the 
command tool. The name comes from a process used to determine what the 
customer needs from a product. It takes the view of what an operations 
team (or individual) needs to maximize their ability to manage a group 
of name servers. (Most installations have more than one server to tend to.)

The document covers many aspects of control and introduces a number of 
new concepts that can help address common challenges for our users. It 
is seen as a multi-year development effort that runs in parallel with 
the server development. A number of areas of this document are waiting 
for clearer understandings of how the server functionality will develop.

Nothing in the document is "set in stone," and new ideas and different 
views are welcome. Comments can either be in email or you can edit and 
comment in the document itself. I will summarize any comments made in 
documents to the list. We also need to take the concepts here are 
validate them with customers, a process that has not been done yet.


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