[bind10-dev] hooks in recursive server processing

Jerry Scharf scharf at isc.org
Wed Jan 19 23:51:37 UTC 2011


I am slogging through every single response we got for the DNS 
operational survey. We asked people for any ideas that they would want.

One person asked for the ability to "doctor" responses and a second 
person asked to be able to have an external module be called whenever 
there is a cache miss. To me, these seem to roll together as a slow 
version of inline filtering of the cache fill.

As you look at the design of the cache fill section, it would be nice if 
the design has the ability to a) route the cache fill request to a 
different module and b) have that module be able to call back into the 
upstream processing side of the cache fill. I am not saying anything 
about figuring out how to manage the capability or how the messages will 
be handled, I just want to say that this would be a nice thing that 
others could use.

It also gives me a nice example of how a non-ISC module might be used to 
seed further discussions of supporting non-ISC modules within the server.

I have made no promised that this will ever happen but I thought it 
might be timely to bring up the concept.

jerry s

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