[bind10-dev] easy part for handle non-empty node

feng hanfeng at cnnic.cn
Fri Jan 21 02:07:30 UTC 2011

Hi JinMei and Michal:


Now we are using a bool variable as  the template parameter for rbtree to
set whether we expose empty node or not, It will cause the following

All the enums or typedefines declared inside rbtree with different search
policy will be different type from each other which cause the last night
build error.

Since whether expose empty node or not is just a policy, and rbtree with
different policy shouldn't necessarily be different class, 

so I propose just add two functions in rbtree like



instead of add a bool template parameter for rbtree.


In this way, the code is much simpler and easy to read and test.

If this is a better way, I will modify rbtree in the ticket517 which also
includes the hard part for rbtree empty node handling.

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