[bind10-dev] easy part for handle non-empty node

韩枫 hanfeng at cnnic.cn
Sat Jan 22 00:16:33 UTC 2011

> > Another suggestion: Have the bool as a parameter of the find function (either
> > template or non-template with default).
> This is actually what BIND 9 (essentially) does, and so it would make
> most sense as what we are basically doing is a relatively
> straightforward port of the BIND 9 version.

I have two concern with the bool as another (template) parameter for find:

The find interface now isn't that slim later we also needs to return node chain 
which will make it hard to use or maintain.
In BIND9, a lot of functions will carry a list of parameters, 
maybe the developer know all the parameters quit clearly, 
but when i read the code, it's cause a lot problem to me.
find has template version, and in some place we have this kind of invocation.
find<void *>(...), because we have to give compiler some hint to instant the
template function
when we don't have callback.
if we add another bool, it will become find<void *, true/false>(...);
this kind of code make me uncomfortable.

One rbtree instance will has the same find policy, so the find policy
is class/instance level not interface level, for one rbtree instance either needs
empty node or do not.  

Have a nice weekend

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