[bind10-dev] Resolver skeleton, location of logic, and plans/discussionstarter for that

Likun Zhang zlkzhy at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 13:11:11 UTC 2011

> The start of any project is the time at which project terminology is set and the
> time when terminology confusion arises.  And here I am not just thinking about
> ourselves, but about future maintenance programmers, not to mention any
> customers that come to modify the code after we release it.  So if we are going
> to refactor the code (and documentation), we should take the time to choose
> terms that are unambiguous.
> The names "DNSServer" and "DNSService" above are a case in point - they are
> very similar and mean similar things.  The DNSServer class is the base of the
> TCPServer and UDPserver classes - perhaps renaming it to "NetworkServer"
> would make it clearer?
> I would also add that the term "query" is also ambiguous in the resolver.  Is a
> query the packet that the server has received from the client or the packet that it
> has sent to an authoritative server?  (Yes it's both, but we continually need to
> be clear about what we are referring to.)  Perhaps we should use the term
> "query" to mean the query received from the client and "fetch" for the queries
> made on the client's behalf?

Yes, +1

I would like to see we have wiki page for the terminologies(and it's context )
we used in our code and documents.


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