[bind10-dev] A-Team: Performance Tasks - Estimates

Stephen Morris stephen at isc.org
Fri Jan 28 16:44:19 UTC 2011


Following up on Michal's email of a couple of days ago, he has created
tickets for the following performance tasks:

#536 (Make OutputBuffer more lightweight)

#537 (Make asiolink::UDPServer smaller to copy)

#538 (Make isc::dns::Name reside in continuous block of memory)

#539 (Hash-based name compression)

#540 (Explore ways to eliminate extra shared_pointers…)

Could you please look at them and send me your estimate (in terms of
estimate points) for the tasks?  We'll use the estimate values on the
planning poker cards we used at the last F2F meeting, so allowed values
for estimates are:

0.5 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40, 100, infinity, ?

(infinity means that the task is unrealistic, ? means "no clue")

For a guide to relative task size, look at the tasks in the last
completed sprint: http://bind10.isc.org/milestone/A-Team-Sprint-20110126
(To see the estimates, select the "closed" tasks and on the display.  On
the page of tasks open "columns" and select "Estimated Number of Hours".
 This is the field we use to store the estimates on the task - the
figure is estimate points and is not hours of work.  Also, ignore tasks
where the estimate is zero - those were tasks left over from the
previous sprint.)



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