[bind10-dev] status of TSIG tasks

JINMEI Tatuya / 神明達哉 jinmei at isc.org
Tue May 3 07:39:45 UTC 2011

(sending this for the upcoming sprint planning)

This is (my understanding of) the current status of TSIG related
tasks.  Note that we only completed one task, and are expected to
complete everything else in two weeks.  Some are already awaiting
review (and some may be quite trivial), so it may be doable, but I
think we need careful planning and prioritization if we really want to
achieve that.

#812 (TSIG sign part 1) completed
#871 (TSIG sign part 2) awaiting review
#813 (TSIG verify part 1) awaiting review (slightly depend on #871,
     but can be reviewed separately)
#893 (TSIG verify part 2) not started
#814 (TSIG python wrapper, preliminary version) awaiting review,
     depend on #871, but the cod itself is independent.  This is a
     minimal wrapper for the "sign" part.  We'll need a more complete
     wrapper including verify later (which also depends on #813 and
#856 (support TSIG in src/bin/host) assigned, but not sure if it has
     started.  At this stage I wonder we'd rather work on #875 than
     this one.
#875 (support TSIG in b10-auth) not started.  not originally included
     in our TSIG related task list, but we need this for xfrout with
     TSIG.  depend on #813, #871, and #893.
#815 (support TSIG in xfrin) not started.  depend on #814 (which
     depends on the backend libdns++ tasks), but we could begin with
     sending a signed xfr request once we complete #871 and the
     minimal part of #814 if we want to fully parallelize it.
#816 (support TSIG in xfrout) not started, depend on #814 (which
     depends on the backend libdns++ tasks).  note also that this
     would be unusable without #875

JINMEI, Tatuya

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