[bind10-dev] transfer problems

Likun Zhang zlkzhy at gmail.com
Wed May 4 04:11:11 UTC 2011


> Yes, I verify that worked. It would be useful to log the address of the

> remote server (recipient of transfer).

> As for configuring who the master (or possible plural masters are,

> including optional ports), maybe that should be part of

> Zonemgr/secondary_zones and the Xfrin/master_addr and

> Xfrin/master_port

> should be removed.


Making all the zones have a same master_addr was really a naive idea, we have to change it. The reason for it was: we didn't support editing the config item in one list through bindctl(but we support it now), so for a quick implementation, I did the naive action. 


I never thought we should support xfrin from itself, but it does now. Since each config item in spec file needs have a default value, so I set the default value for master_addr was "" and master_port was "53". That's why our xfrin will do the transfer from it self,  then it will send notify to proper servers.


Now, zonemgr already supports setting a separate zone as slave or master, maybe we should entend it to adding more config items, like setting master for a zone. Then we can do what you suggest, remove Xfrin/master_port and Xfrin/master_addr, and also move command "retranfer" from Xfrin to zonemgr. Welcome more comments here, J



> On a related note, why is b10-zonemgr a separate daemon from

> b10-xfrin?

> Can they be merged? If separate is better, please let me know so I can

> document reason. (This was brought up by another developer recently.)


We had talked about this topic last year when shane was in beijing.


We tried to make xfrin module just do the transfer, to make it as simple as possible, all other logic(including handling transfer trigger, or zone manager logic) should be moved out,  so we have a separate zonemgr process now.



> As for now, I can workaround my problem by choosing a single

> master_addr

> for all zones.

See comments above.



> I need to open tickets for these issues. But first I will wait back for

> some more comments.




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