[bind10-dev] Status of build/test platforms?

Jeremy C. Reed jreed at isc.org
Thu May 19 12:52:12 UTC 2011

On Thu, 19 May 2011, Shane Kerr wrote:

> I know you have been working on updating our build/test platforms to a
> new system where we can submit alternate branches and things like that,
> and that there is some breakage due to this.
> Can you let us know what the current status is, and if/when we should
> start looking into build/test failures reported?
> Thanks!

It is all in place and running.

Sorry for all the noise.  But we should be looking at the failures.

The main change to the framework is that it adds every new update (hash 
revision) for master to a queue.

The builders then build each of these (by default). So now is doing a 
lot more builds -- when we have many frequent updates to master.

We ran out of disk space on two systems. I think I fixed it permanently 
on one system (NetBSD5-amd64), but the FreeBSD8-i386 may have problems 
with disk space. I am working on it.

I will add an option to only build the latest on master (so it works 
like the old behaviour).

I don't yet have a simple command-line nor web interface to maintain the 
build queue, but nevertheless it is now trivial to add a specific branch 
or specific git hash to the queue to have the builders use a custom 
branch. (I may do the interface next week.)

As of now the known failure is Botan with Sunstudio. Now that our 
cryptolink supports Botan 1.9 (as of yesterday), I will work on this 
further. I will do after our snapshot. This is a known regression for 
the past couple weeks.

We continue to have some timer-related unit test failures. We will 
discuss that soon and consider not using clock based tests.

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