[bind10-dev] Next-Sprint-Proposed milestone

Shane Kerr shane at isc.org
Thu May 26 12:20:38 UTC 2011


I've added a new milestone to the Trac site, called


The idea is that if a developer - or anyone - has a ticket that they
think should be included in the next sprint then they can put it there.

This is not intended to be a wishlist for pending features, but rather a
place where relatively small, specific tasks that should not be put off
too long can get placed.

This will hopefully be a good place for developers to put tickets they
think might be appropriate for the upcoming sprint, as they review
tickets in advance of the sprint planning meetings.

I have pre-seeded this milestone with some tickets that were in review,
meaning that the work has been done, but are not on any sprint. I also
added a ticket that annoys me personally (Python 3.2 causing compilation
errors). :)


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