[bind10-dev] Recommendations for message passing libraries?

Shane Kerr shane at isc.org
Thu May 26 14:47:51 UTC 2011


We are looking for a replacement for the message passing system we use
in BIND 10, and someone suggested that maybe someone on the bind10-dev
list may have some recommendations for us.

BIND 10 is a set of cooperating processes, so we needed a system to
allow them to communicate. We decided that a message bus, something like
D-Bus, is probably the way forward.

We looked at several alternatives, including D-Bus and XMPP, and decided
at the time there was nothing that really fit our needs, so we used a
protocol inherited from the OpenReg project.

Since then, we have re-written the daemon in Python, changed the
protocol to use JSON, and made a number of tweaks and modifications.
However, it has a number of bugs and we really think that it is a waste
of time to continue to use a home-grown messaging system when there are
(surely!) many well-maintained ones to choose from.

We have a ticket explaining the requirements and the work done so far:


So far we've looked at D-Bus, boost::msgq, and
boost::multiprocess::message_queue. I have discarded RabbitMQ due to
license conflict. Still pending is a look at boost::mpi.

If you have a suggestion for what you think would be a good replacement
for our current msgq, please let us know.



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