[bind10-dev] environment variables used by BIND 10

Stephen Morris stephen at isc.org
Fri May 27 17:42:56 UTC 2011

On 27/05/2011 14:18, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> The following notes and questions are about the environment variables 
> used by BIND 10.
> :
> 	? is this "b10root" just internal use or actually logged into
> 	target log file?
> 	? okay for admin to set this?
> 	also for logging severity
> 	? it is confusing and maybe wrong to use the same terminology
> 		"severity" for this and B10_LOGGER_SEVERITY
> 	? okay for admin to set this?
> 	set to filename that contains replacement messages
> 	? okay for admin to set this?
> 	log severity level
> 	? okay for admin to set this?

These are just temporary variables until the logging subsystem is able
to retrieve its configuration information from the configuration
database (which should be soon).  It allows some minimal control to be
exercised over the logging.

Set the name of the "root" logger for the program.  This should be the
name of the program (e.g. b10auth, b10resolver) and it appears in
logging output:  e.g. a message logged by the data source in the
authoritative server should appear to come from "b10auth.datasrc".  A
yet-to-be committed ticket provides a way for programs to set that when
they initialize the logging system.  The default is the empty string.

Set to one of DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR or FATAL to control the level of
output from the logger.  The default is INFO.

If the logger severity is DEBUG, the debug level - an integer between 0
and 99 - sets the level of detail logged.  Higher values give more
detail.  What actually gets logged at what level is dependent on the
module (i.e. what numeric value was assigned each piece of debug
information).  The default is 0.

As noted, a message file.  The text of messages in the file will replace
the compiled-in text.

In all cases it is OK for admin to set the variable.


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