[bind10-dev] Command line tool use cases

Larissa Shapiro larissas at isc.org
Mon May 7 20:25:58 UTC 2012

Hi All,

Shane and I have come up with some very high level user story/use case
brainstorming for the command line tool requirements. We'd like to ask
for your brains, too, so please feel free to visit:


and add things. Its a bit random... but thats ok. Shane and I will tidy
it all up before we share it with the user volunteers next week. Anyone
is welcome to add things, though. We intend to then use the tidied up
list to ask the user volunteers what is missing and what the priority
items for them are.

We will discuss this at tomorrow's BIND10 team call, and then we'll
leave this open for brainstorming until probably COB in Europe on
Wednesday or so. And yes, DHCPish use cases are most welcome along with
the DNS ones.

Thank you.


Larissa Shapiro
BIND and DHCP Product Manager, Internet Systems Consortium
larissas at isc.org   +1 650 423 1335   http://www.isc.org
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